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Thanks to one and all for these fine awards.
You have indeed honored me.

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"I really like your page. Good job!" were the words used by Julie Mathews when presenting this site with The "Julie's World Award for Class and Sophistication".

Team Creations presented this site with the "Star Site Bronze Award" . Their response to this web site was: "Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete web site evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our bronze award. Thank you from the internet community for a job well done."

Stingray J presented this site with the "The Elite Web Site Award"

Judy of Judys ...Jays House...Jaystunes. said: "Gee what a great home page. Your pages are Outstanding." when offering this site here Web Site Excellence Award

The SilverSurfer Award was presented by Frank Wright of ShadowRun who wrote: "We are proud to have the SilverSurfer on such a page as yours...It not only reflects your taste...But also ours..We thank you...You are one of the best...."

Sy, the Eternity's Way Cool Dragon presented this site with the "Eternity's Best of the Web Award" . In his message he said: "I have visited your great site and found it worthy of his award.."