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Thanks to one and all for these fine awards.
You have indeed honored me.

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Danny's Domain

Danny of Danny's Domain presented this site with the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. He said: "Congratulations! Your website was EXTREMELY well designed, with a very nice top frame and many useful features. I was also impressed with the amount of hits your received, and the astonishing guest book entries."

Thank you Danny.. I am honored !

outa.jpg (3387 bytes) Mary Wecker of Pilots Web presented this site with The Outa' Site Design Awards. In her synopsis of my site she said: "Truly an Award Winning Website! You'll find everything here from unique "golden greetings" to a guided tour of beautiful places the world over."

Thanks for this great honor.
family.jpg (2468 bytes) Mary Wecker of Pilots Web also presented this site with The Family Friendly Award. Her touching word of this site were: "A beautifully illustrated and personal glimpse at the Basma Family. Basma in Arabic means "Smile" and you'll find out why when you visit this website!"

Many Thanks for considering my site.

Viking's Purplestars Award

Frank Granum from Norway presented this site with the Viking's Purplestars Award. He said: "I'm impressed over the work you have put down in your pages.  It was a sight for sore net-surfer eyes. From my own pages I can also see that you have put your heart and a lot of work in your place, keep up the effort... "

Thank you Frank... I am truly proud !

Coyote Award You have won the coyote award, this award is an award that you can't apply for, it's given to sites that I personally find interesting, well organized and have outstanding web-design...Congratulations!
These were the words of Coyote who presented this site with "The COYOTE KILLER SITE" Award.

Words can not express my pride. Thank you Graco... Your award is appreciated.