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Thanks to one and all for these fine awards.
You have indeed honored me.

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Becky (Wildlife and Fantasy) said: "I had a lot of fun exploring your site! You put a lot of time and effortinto it and it shows. Great job!" when presenting this site with the 'One Foxy Site award!' 'One Foxy Site award!' 'One Foxy Site award!' 'One Foxy Site award!'

"Thank you for putting something so wonderful on the internet for others to...enjoy visiting!" were the words used by Cyndy when presenting this site with The Award of Excellence.

Nielson Web Sites & Business Graphics presented this site with the Best of The Web Bronze Award Stating : "I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will to."

Bobby, with thanks, bestowed upon this site, The Award of Excellence.

What a nice surprise.. I am honored..

The Lovely Awwww! Award was presented by Marc through Cyndy who said " I helped Marc's mom make this page and she would like for me to give you this cute award."

 Words can not describe my joy !!