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Thanks to one and all for these fine awards.
You have indeed honored me.

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Nancy Imelda Schafer of Spyders Empire presented this site with The Spyders Empire Award. She said:"I have chosen your site as a winner. Well done!!"


Chrissy presented this site with The Website Innovation Award stating: "Have reviewed your website, and are really impressed by the overall quality. Great work with your website, I was quite impressed.."


Luuk Francken from The Netherlands awarded this site The Award of Excellnece. He said: "A great site. And sure: Congratulations. You've got my award..."

Elizabeth of Piglet's Home Page presented this site with The Kewl Page Award. She said: "You got a really good page. I think it deserves an award."

This award was presented by Marita Emmert of Cameo Services who stated: "Congratulations!! Your site was reviewed and approved for the 1998 Cameo Services Creative Inspiration Award."