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Thanks to one and all for these fine awards.
You have indeed honored me.

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"You have created a very nice site, indeed. You have created a very friendly environment... congratulations!" were the words used by Glenn Akiyama of CyndyGA's Web Design when presenting this site with The "Nice Site GA's Bronze Award.

David Bancroft, President of FOCUS Associates presented this site with the "Only The Best Gold Award" He Stated : "Your award has been recognized as one of the better awards on the Internet with a 4.0 rating from AWARD SITES!"

Celise Salmon of Virtuocity presented this site with the "The Family Friendly Site Award"

Kathleen B said: "I have been to your site and find it an excellent one." when offering this site with here Yellow Rose Family Site Award

Rena presented this site with the "ReNa'S cOrNeR AwArD oF ExCeLlEnCe" and said: "Well, I've been to your WONDERFUL page...and I believe ... You have earned my Award..."