"Evaluation and Control of Collapsible Soils", Adnan A. Basma and E. R. Tuncer, Geotechnical Engineering Journal, ASCE, Vol. 118, No. 10, Oct. 1992, pp. 1491-1504. (Closure to discussion, Vol. 120, No. 5, May 1994, pp. 922-929.)


Some compacted soils wetted under certain conditions of compaction and loading may exhibit additional settlement (collapse). 138 single oedometer tests were conducted on eight different soils to investigate the effect of the soil type, compaction water content, initial dry unit weight and applied pressure at wetting on collapse potential. The results indicate that well graded soils tend to collapse more than poorly graded ones under similar conditions. Furthermore, collapse potential decreases with an increase in a) the difference between the sand and clay percentages, b) compaction water content and c) initial dry unit weight, while it increases with pressure at wetting. A multiple regression analysis was performed on the laboratory results to provided a collapse predictive model which was substantiated by data reported by several researchers. A chart is presented to estimate a) the collapse potential of soils under various conditions and b) the critical water content beyond which no collapse is expected. Additionally, a means by which collapse susceptible soils can be classified is provided.

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