"Effect of Highway Class on Pavement Serviceability", T. I. Al-Suleiman, Adnan A. Basma, Y. H. Al-Soboh, and T. Al-Khedaywi, Indian Highways, Journal of the Indian Road Congress, Vol. 21, No. 1, Jan. 1993, pp. 13-23.


The main objective of this Paper was to study the effect of highway class on flexible pavement serviceability. In order to represent different climatic conditions and geographic locations, six primary and four secondary highways were evaluated. Three sections were chosen in each highway with a total of 30 pavement sections. The data on each pavement section included surface deformation (roughness and rut depth) and deterioration (cracking and patching) measurements, in addition to Present Serviceability Rating (PSR) as objective measurement. The analysis showed that all pavement sections in both highway classes were in fair or better conditions. The percentages of pavement sections in need of resurfacing were found 22 per cent for primary and 12 per cent for secondary highways. As a result of correlation analysis, pavement deformation were found negatively correlated to PSR with high correlation coefficients. Therefore, a regression model for the effects of these variables on pavement serviceability (PSI) was developed and the highway class was considered as a dummy variable in this model. The effect of highway class was found significant and this effect was investigated under three levels of pavement distresses Regardless of highway class, the reduction in PSI between level 1 and 2 was found greater than that between levels 2 and 3. The PSI of secondary highways was found lower than that of primary highways at level 3 of distresses. The results reflect the possible effect of higher level of routine maintenance and more resurfacing on the primary highways. The findings in this Paper can be used by highway officials to set maintenance priorities and allocate maintenance funds. However, the efficient use of the results cannot be achieved without developing pavement management system and continuous evaluation of pavement serviceability at the network level.

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