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Adnan A. Basma - professional experience
P. O. Box 27272, Civil Engineering Department
College of Engineering, The University of Sharjah
Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone:  +971 (6) 505 0957 (Office)
Mobile:  +971 (50) 796 6028


+971 (6) 5050401
E-mail: aabasma@sharjah.ac.ae



April 2002

1999 - present: The University of Sharjah, Sharjah - UAE
Chairman and Associate Professor of Civil Engineering  

Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering and Acting Dean over several periods. Responsible for teaching undergraduate courses and serving on a variety of committees. Restructured Civil Engineering Curriculum to meet local and ABET2000 accreditation criteria. Established MSc Program. Prepared strategic plans for Department and College. Founded CETimes, Civil Engineering Newsletter (Editor). Founded Civil Engineering Club. Developed Online Civil Engineering courses. Designed College Web site.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Level:
- Introduction to Engineering
- Geotechnical Engineering 1
- Geotechnical Engineering 2 and Laboratory
- Foundation Engineering
- Advanced Foundation Engineering
- Senior Design Project I and II

Committees and Activities
University Level:
1. University Web site; 1999-present
2. Year Book Committee, 2000-2001
3. Student and Faculty Research Award Committee, 2000
4. Selection Committee for Bank of Sharjah Award, 2000
5. Committee on Evaluating UOS Drainage, 2001

College Level:
1. College Web Designer and Editor; 1999-present
2. College Brochure, 1999-present
3. Curriculum Committee, 1999-present
4. Chair, Accreditation Committee [International (ABET) and Regional], 1999-present
5. Program Advisory Committee, 2000-present
6. Graduate Studies & Research Committee, 2000-present
7. Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2000-present

Department Level:
1. Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2000-present
2. Graduate Studies & Research Committee, 2000-present
3. Accreditation Committee [International (ABET) and Local], 1999-present
4. Department Promotion Committee, 2000-present
5. Department Council, 2000-present
6. Department Recruitment Committee, 2000-present
7. Laboratory Committee, 2000 - present

Other Activities:
1. Strategic Plan of the Department and College
2. Accreditation issues and documentations
3. Department Semi- and Annual Reports
4. Preparing Student Statistics and forecast future numbers for planning
5. Participated in School visits for recruiting students
6. Initiating Civil Engineering Times, The Civil Engineering News Magazine (Dec. 2001). Currently Editor 
7. Establishing the Civil Engineering Club at the Department of Civil Engineering.
8. Establishing the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) - Student Chapter.

1995 - 1999: Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), Muscat, Oman
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Responsible for teaching undergraduate courses, supervising graduation projects and serving on a variety of committees. Established and Designed SQU's and The College of Engineering web sites.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Level:
- Introduction to Computing
- Probability & Statistics for Engineers
- Foundation Engineering
- Civil Engineering Design
- Drawing II (AutoCad)
- Senior Project

Projects Supervised
1. Economics of Alternative Designs of Retaining Structures on a Vertical Cut
2. Statistical Geotechnical Properties of Clayey Soils
3. Stabilization of Omani Expansive Clays by Sand and Salt
4. Direct Shear vs. Triaxial Shear Strength Properties of Soils
5. Computer Aided Design for Pile Foundations
6. Strength Characteristics for Lime and Cement Treated Omani Clays
7. Variation of Basic Soil Properties With Drying Temperature
8. Mapping The Bearing Capacity of Soils in the Muscat Region

Committees and Activities
University Level:
1. Staff Club Committee, 1995-1996; 1997-1999
2. Masters of Statistics Committee, 1997
3. Chair, University Web Committee, 1998-1999

College Level:
1. Coordinator of Alumni Association, 1996-1999
2. College Board Committee, 1997-1998
3. Promotion Committee, 1997-1998
4. Research Committee, 1997-1998
5. Chair, College Web Committee, 1998-1999

Department Level:
1. Promotion Committee, 1995-1999
2. Examination Audit Committee, 1996 - 1999
3. Coordinator of Seminars and Publicity, 1997-1998
4. Accreditation Committee, 1997-1999
5. Coordinator of Final Year Projects, 1997-1998
6. Graduate Studies Committee, 1997-1999
7. Curriculum Committee, 1997-1999
8. Time-tabling Representative, 1998-1999

1986 - 1995: Jordan University of Science. & Technology, Irbid - Jordan
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, 1992-1995
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, 1986-1992

Responsible for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, supervising graduation projects and Masters Theses and serving on a variety of committees. Established Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory. Established MSc Program in Geotechnical Engineering.

Courses Taught
Undergraduate Level:
- Engineering Drawing 
- Statics
- Strength of Materials - Probability & Statistics for Civil Engineers
- Soil Mechanics I 
- Soil Mechanics Laboratory
- Foundation Engineering I 
- Foundation Engineering II

Projects Supervised:
1. An Investigation into Soil Expansion in Irbid
2. Investigation of Seepage Problem at Wadi Arab Dam
3. Study of Seepage loss in Wadi Arab Dam
4. Reducing Foundation Seepage Under Earth Dam at JUST
5. Seepage Simulation Under a Concrete Dam Model
6. Seepage Simulation Through and under an Earth Dam Model
7. Seepage Simulation Under a double sheet Pile Model
8. Design of an Embankment Dam at JUST 
9. Experimental Modeling of Foundation Uplift Due to Swelling

Graduate Level:
- Theoretical Soil Mechanics 
- Slopes and Earth Structures 
- Retaining Structures
- Advanced Soil Mechanics 
- Applied Statistics

MS Theses Supervised
  Statistical Evaluation of Soil Properties in Eastern Irbid. Saheem Kamel, May 1988. 187 pp.
  Evaluation and Control of Expansive Soils in Irbid. Munjed Al-Sharif, May 1989. 189 pp.
  Shear Strength of Compacted Jordanian Soils. Wehbi Abdel-Jawad, Jan. 1991. 139 pp.
  Control of Collapsible Jordanian Soils. Riad Qozak, Apr. 1991. 146 pp.
  Cyclic Swelling of Expansive Soils. Mohamad Bashabshi, May 1991. 173 pp.
  Strength of Weakly Cemented Reinforced Sands. Malek Al-Smadi, May 1991. 198 pp.
  Anisotropic Swelling Behavior of Expansive Soils. Nabil Al-Akhras, May 1992. 89 pp.
  Behavior of a Model Footing on Expansive Soils. Mohamad Al-Ajlouni, Dec. 1992. 130 pp.
  Effect of the Method of Drying on the Engineering Properties of Clays. 
      Emad Al-Tabari, Dec. 1993. 107 pp.
10. Dynamic Modelling of Low and High Velocity Projectile Penetration of Soil. 
      Nadim Shbib, May 1994. 148 pp.
11. Use of Dynamic Cavity Expansion to Determine Pile Capacity: Probabilistic and Theoretical Approach.
      Raffi Babayan, Mar. 1995. 102 pp.
12. An Experimental Evaluation of Pullout Tests on Reinforced Earth Members. 
      Adnan Zaidan, July 1995, 129 pp.

In addition to serving on over 15 MSc theses examining committees.

Committees and Activities
University Level:
1. Geotechnical Engineering Team (KAH), Coordinator; 1994-1995.
2. Transportation Research Group, 1990-1992.

College Level:
1. Scientific Research Committee, 1992-1993.
2. Computers Committee, 1992-1993.
3. Faculty of Engineering Council, 1993-1994.

Department Level:
1. Scientific Research Committee, 1987-1989; 1994-1995.
2. Computers Committee, 1986-1988; Coordinator, 1986-1987
3. Geotechnical Engineering Group, 1990-1993; Coordinator, 1991-1993.
4. Graduate Studies Group, 1989-1990; 1994-1995.
5. Curriculum Committee, 1986-1988; 1994-1995.
6. Laboratory Committee, 1987-1989; 1994-1995.
7. Promotion Committee, 1992-1995; Coordinator, 1995.
8. Honor Council, Coordinator 1994-1995.

1981 - 1986: The University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, U.S.A
Full time lecturer, 1985-1986
Instructors of Civil Engineering, 1981-1985

Responsible for teaching undergraduate courses

Courses Taught
- Surveying I 
- Soil Mechanics Laboratory
- Mechanics of Materials 
- Structural Engineering Laboratory
- Soil Mechanics 
- Engineering Mechanics
- Engineering Graphics II 
- Computer Simulation


  1. The Irbid Municipality, Irbid - Jordan. 1987 - 1990.
  2. Jordan University of Sci. and Tech., Irbid-Jordan. 1989 -1995.
  3. UN Economics and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). 1992-1993.
  4. Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Amman-Jordan. 1990 - 1992
  5. ENTRECANALES Construction Company, Barcelona - Spain. 1994 - 1995.
  6. Muscat Municipality, Muscat - Oman. 1997-1999
  7. Rapid Metal Development, British Company based in Sharjah - UAE, 2001
  8. Golf Scaffolding Factory, Astrialian Company Based in Dubai - UAE, 2001
  9. Fawzy Oraby Engineering Consultant Office, Ajman - UAE, 2001
10. Bina Group, Abu Dhabi - UAE, 2002


VAX, Mainframe, IBM-PC's


Advanced and Visual Basic, Fortran, C++, HTML, and JAVA


Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point, Front Page, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, MatLAB, GRAPHER, SAS, AutoCad, Neural Networks, Paint Shop Pro and a variety of softwares.

  Developed Softwares:


(Foundation Design): Bearing Capacity; Settlement; Design of various types of footings; Retaining Walls; Sheet Piles; Piles; Reinforced Earth; Excavations.


Probability and Statistics: Statistical summaries; Graphical presentation; Probability calculations; Hypothesis testing; Goodness-of-fit; Regression; Quality Control.

  Web Design:

1. Personal Web Site:

2. College of Engineering Web Site (Sultan Qaboos University)

3. Staff Club Web Site (Sultan Qaboos University):

4. Sultan Qaboos University Web Site:

5. University of Shrajah, College of Engineering Web Site:

6. University of Shrajah, Online Civil Engineering Courses:

7. Abela Dubai (Catering Company) - Dubai, UAE:

  1. "Slopes and Embankments: Failures and Methods of Avoiding Them", March 12, 1990. Invited by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Amman - Jordan.

  2. "Prediction of Expansion Degree For Natural Compacted Clays", American University of Beirut (AUB), April 1, 1993. Invited by the Department of Civil Engineering.

  3. "Characterization of Expansive Clays", Kuwait University, Feb. 21, 1994. Invited by the Department of Civil Engineering.

  4. "Design of Foundations on Expansive Clays", Nov., 1994. Invited by the Jordanian Engineering Association, Irbid - Jordan.

  5. "Behavior of Expansive Clays Under Cyclic Swelling", Nov. 1996. Invited by the Department of Earth Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat - Oman.

  6. "Civil Engineers: Who Are We?" April 2002. Invited by the Department of Civil Engineering, American University of Sharjah.