MainCareer Objective Personal Profile Education Professional Experience References


I Industrial Material and Services, Saudi Arabia, 1994 2001

       A) General Manager, 1997 2001

    Turn over $25 million in annual revenues and generate growth rates in excess of 10% per annum

  Report to vice president of operations on various aspects of business which includes trading, manufacturing and operation

    Provide supervision for key functional managers and oversee the operation of the company with 320 employees under management

   Reassess process efficiency in procurement department on a regular basis so as to eliminate bottlenecks in productive process

   Examine continuously the working methods and challenge the processes so as to develop more productive alternatives to existing practices

       B) Operation Manager, 1994 1997

    Reported to the general manager with responsibility for the management of all the four plants manufacturing joinery products and wooden pallets.

      Executed business plan under a tight budget with annual turnover of $12 million and 220 employees

      Managed all aspects of production, including planning scheduling, manufacturing and dispatching

      Controlled raw material purchasing and inventory warehousing

    Provided guidance for human resources management as well as budget estimation and production costing

     Developed/ monitored annual budgets for labor, materials and investments costs in order to meet the ever changing market demands

     Ensured quality standards and customer satisfaction and service

     Maximized labor efficiency so as to meet production targets within tight budget controls

     Informed procurement department of the material requirement required to meet production schedules as it related to usage rates, stock levels and lead times so as to ensure production continuity

     Visited suppliers in Europe, North American and the Far East to evaluate their viability.


II M.A. Basma & Sons, Sierra Leone, 1990 1994

     Structured the import/export deals involving third parties in Europe and Far East

    Negotiated procurement contracts with governmental agencies ($2 million $5 million)


III Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE), Bahrain, 1985-1990

      Senior Engineer, 1988-1990


Infrastructure and residential development for Ministry of Housing


$ 25 million


Provided technical support and disciplinary interaction to field engineers

      Senior Engineer, 1987-1988


Water Pollution Control Center


$ 15 million


Supervised all aspects of the construction project

      Engineer, 1985-1987


Effluent Utilization


$ 3.5 million


Prepared routing design details, tender documents and coordinated proposed routing with various governmental utilities agencies

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